4 Push Ups


    4 Push Ups follows MzShellz as she prepares for, arrives at and dances at a Pow Wow. It showcases her partner in hip hop & life, Chief Rock with their family, as well as Pow Wow dancers off all ages from the unceded land of the Coast Salish peoples.

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    4 Push Ups

    • British-Columbia
    • Artist: Enter-Tribal
    • Title: 4 Push Ups
    • Length: 3 mins. 55 secs.
    • Genre: Hip Hop
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    Pitch Video

    Bringing the vibrance of Pow Wow and indigenous culture to the masses with hip hop from the unceded land of east van.

    Genre: Hip Hop

    Music Lead



    Enter-Tribal is bringing song, dance & Pow Wow culture to the masses via this video 4 Push Ups. Bringing the flare & energy into their home

    About the song

    A classic rap ballad, straight up, tells the story of Pow Wow: songs have 4 Push Ups, marking score cards, dance your style: grass, fancy, jingle. Pow Wow is both a competition & the place for summer romance. The song is a celebration of Pow Wow enlightening other communities to a new world and experience, as rap music has down since its inception

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    Video Lead

    Hayley  Gray

    Hayley Gray

    Director/Producer committed to making cutting edge work that amplifies unrepresented voices.

    Why I want to work with Enter-Tribal

    As a settler filmmaker and a lover of hip hop I feel incredibly privilege to get to collaborate with and learn from Enter-Tribal. To explore Pow Wow culture and share it with a larger audience. I want to showcase the thriving, vibrant indigenous community. Too often film tokenizes and tropes; 4 Push Ups celebrates a positive, powerful culture.

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