A ballad laced with Afro-Cuban rhythms as tribute to a friend who passed away from cancer, leaving behind 3 children.



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Samantha Quantz
Samantha Quantz


Marco Claveria Project

Marco Claveria Project


Marco Claveria Project

Through life experiences in Canada & Chile, my music breaks traditional boundaries and connects people through multicultural music.

About the song

Fly Away is about the heartache of losing a loved one and the journey through grief to a place of hope. With Afro-Cuban rhythms featuring Celtic vocal influences, the story visits 3 different settings; a local pub, a dark and gloomy recording studio and a mountain top, leading the audience through the melody and emotions evoked by the song.


Samantha Quantz

Samantha Quantz

Project Lead

Samantha Quantz

*Organizing chaos & creating systems to maximize efficiency* Planning and logistics are my game. Producer, Production Manager & Locations.

Why I want to work with Marco Claveria Project

I think Marco creates music that is uniquely Canadian. He seamlessly melds multiple nationalities into his musical stylings creating something beautiful and unique, more than the sum of it’s parts, and yet the feelings they invoke are universal.

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