Hometown Sundowns


    Olivia Rose travels back to her hometown of Elk Point. A soldier missing his family, a waitress working late hours and a lonely elderly all show us the home they are longing to go back to.

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    Hometown Sundowns

    • Alberta
    • Artist: Olivia Rose
    • Title: Hometown Sundowns
    • Length: 3 mins. 23 secs.
    • Genre: Country
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    Pitch Video

    Hometown Sundown perfectly captures going back to that special place we all hold dearly, wherever that may be.

    Genre: Country

    Music Lead

    Olivia Rose

    Olivia Rose

    I'm a hardworking musician here in Edmonton. Given the chance, I would love to give a visual element to go along with my lyrics!

    About the song

    Hometown Sundowns is a special song as we all have that place that means home to us, that one place where you find comfort and well being. No matter where or how far you go, there is a place you always yearn to come back to.

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    Video Lead

    Dianne López- Mahoney

    Dianne López- Mahoney

    I always bring passion and dedication to every project. I tell stories that need to be heard and be the voice for those who don't have any.

    Why I want to work with Olivia Rose

    Olivia Rose has the face, the voice, the whole package. She was awarded the Edmonton Music Awards Rising Star and has opened for Brett Kissell, among her other accomplishments at a young age. She is only 17 and has all the makings of a superstar! Olivia Rose is dedicated in making it.

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    The Team

    We have strong goals and ambitions. We want to bring to you a music video that will deliver a visual experience to remember!


    Production Design