Remarkable Flamenco dancer + band performance in 360°, expresses theme of life speed & synch through smoke & ramping FX



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Flamenco Dancer Sydney Cochrane.
Visual FX software our Editor uses.
Examples of Director Wayne Hoecherl's back-lighting smoke FX

Created By

Wayne Hoecherl
Wayne Hoecherl


Jungle Physicians

Jungle Physicians

Producer, Social Media Strategist, Band, Artist

Jungle Physicians

Musician, songwriter, composer. Manage crew-studios.com. Work at Highlife Records. Make a good cup of Matcha.

About the song

This song uses 45 RPM Adapters as a metaphor for: 1) getting one's act together as an individual and 2) collectively as a society. The lyrics have many visual cues - speed, synchronization, mirroring, rotation. There is trajectory and culmination in the lyrics from 1st verse through to the end. Choruses are catchy, tons of creative visual potential


Wayne Hoecherl

Wayne Hoecherl

Project Lead

Wayne Hoecherl

Having worked as a professional photographer for over 20 years.I bring a creative spirit and an extensive knowledge of lighting to projects.

Why I want to work with Jungle Physicians

I’ve enjoyed photographing Andy (Jungle Physicians) for album cover & promos, and I've wanted to make a video with him for some time. He has soul. Similarly, I've wanted to work with Flamenco Dancer Sydney Cochrane. She is an incredible dancer. Evocative & moving. The combo of Andy's band, Sydney, our team & plans will make for a striking video.

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