Colour My Love


    The rural Alberta jails of the 1920s housed not only the sheriff’s family, but also those arrested and imprisoned. This story is about two women with a shared feeling of hopelessness, meeting in this unlikely setting.

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    Colour My Love

    • Alberta
    • Artist: Shaela Miller
    • Title: Colour My Love
    • Length: 4 mins. 59 secs.
    • Genre: Country
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    Pitch Video

    Two women - who couldn't be more different - meet in a rural Alberta jail in 1922.

    Genre: Country

    Music Lead

    Shaela Miller

    Shaela Miller

    Honky Tonk, tear in your beer ballads, dance hall shuffles and dark alt-country craft work are all part of the package.

    About the song

    Colour My Love is a song about the darker side of loving someone. It speaks to the part of us that believes we are hard to love. In this story, it's the commonality between the two main characters, the sheriff's wife and the female inmate. They share a feeling of hopelessness and darkness, despite their lives being ever-so-different.

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    Video Lead

    Laura Combden

    Laura Combden

    The shortest distance between two people is a story.

    Why I want to work with Shaela Miller

    Shaela Miller has a sound reminiscent of early country greats, making her music 'not-of-this-time'. Her songs, a reflection of her own view of the world, exhibit an unexpected darkness and aching. Combined with a voice that will send shivers up your spine, Shaela Miller's timeless sound is a perfect accompaniment to the southern Alberta landscape.

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    The Team

    On the lookout for a production manager, assistant director, and some extra hands for set dec to fill out our team. Give us a shout if you're interested in being part of a production that explores some untold stories of women in Canadian history.


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