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  • British-Columbia
  • Silver
  • 6 mins. 27 secs.
  • Alternative

An elderly man in assisted living wakes daily to the routine of prescription medication, professional care, and isolation. Mysterious forces open his mind to a rush of memories of his younger self, and a past love.

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A man who takes a journey to his past relationship into 1970's, only to discover the truth about his present love life.



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The Canadian Alzheimer Society

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Growing up and living in Surrey gave me character and all sorts of perspectives that I would like share through my content and music.

About the song

The song reminisces on a past relationship that everyone can relate to, no matter what age we are. So we want to take you on one man's journey to discover the past memories he has forgotten. We all experience love in different ways, no matter what state our mind is in, and no matter how much time has past, we always can feel something inside.


Shelby  Wilson

Shelby Wilson


Shelby Wilson

As Writer, Director and Production Designer of several projects, I am excited to grow with this community and keep on creating.

Why I want to work with PRIDDY

Growing up in a small community in Surrey, shadowed by Vancouver, you always have dreams of making it. I have known Liam Priddy since we were in high school and we both bonded over our creative passions for music and film. Now we are taking a chance to combine our dreams and turn our project into something magical, and to show what we are made of.

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Community Relevancy

Alzheimer Society of Canada

Alzheimer Society of Canada

Currently The Alzheimer's Society of Canada are backing this pitch and music video and are very excited to be on board. We would like to raise awareness and funds towards the Alzheimer Society of Canada, who provide services to people and their families that are affected by dementia alzheimer's. We want to honour this organization by making this video, by telling the hardships of these people who have to face this everyday.

City of Surrey

City of Surrey

Liam and Shelby are both proud residents of Surrey, BC . Not only will we use local Surrey talent, we would like to involve our local newspapers and blogs such as Surrey 604 and The Now. We also are going to be solely filming at local locations from our community and take advantage of any local outreach.

Nimbus School of Recording and Media

Nimbus School of Recording and Media

Liam Priddy is currently a student at Nimbus School of Recording arts and Media. Silver was recorded through the Label run by Nimbus students and all of the recording sessions took place during class time. It was a great learning opportunity for the students involved! We plan to involve the Nimbus community in the voting process and the post production.

Charity Concert

Charity Concert

We want to raise funds and awareness for the Alzheimers Society of Canada by throwing a charity concert with all local talent. PRIDDY would be playing along side a few other up and coming local artists. The goal is to create a big impact in the community for a cause we really care about and what better way of doing that then coming together and doing what we love!

Production Design


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