A man grapples with life between two distinct worlds: Alberta Cowboy and Synth Musician.



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Brother Octopus
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Andrea Beça
Andrea Beça


Brother Octopus

Brother Octopus


Brother Octopus

After emerging from the Pacific Ocean, not only has Brother Octopus found love for music but discovered passion for the arts.

About the song

After growing up and discovering an irrefutable love for synthesizers, a man decides that "farm life" isn't for him. "Synth Cowboy" is all about how this man got to where he is today, and giving recognition to the things he gave up to pursue his passion.


Andrea Beça

Andrea Beça

Project Lead, Director, Editor, Camera Operator

Andrea Beça

My 15 years of experience in writing, directing, and producing mean I am able to approach any project with a professional, holistic vision.

Why I want to work with Brother Octopus

I have been a huge fan of Brother Octopus for years now, and they have been incredibly supportive of my career in film. I want to take this opportunity to use my skills as a filmmaker to help tell their story and get their music to the masses, because I love it so much!

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