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    Even when your soul feels empty, there are always glimmers of beauty- you just have to look for them!

    Genre: Pop

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    Brigitte is a Canadian singer/songwriter/keyboardist performing and producing music in the genres AC, pop, rock, to instrumental cues.

    About the song

    Driving from Kelowna to William's Lake, I stopped in Merritt for directions. I took the path less traveled and ended up inspired to write a song about the desolate landscape after my dad passed away. It evoked a lonely feeling and I was amazed by the vast nothingness and so "Barren" was born.

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    Video Lead

    Jason Woodford

    Jason Woodford

    A solid background in screenwriting, developed further in documentary productions and in the creation of my independent videography company,

    Why I want to work with Brigitte

    The filmmakers look forward to working with singer/songwriter Brigitte and her song that has a story that can be told through imagery. Feeling emptiness, then finding sparks of happiness and beauty is inspiring.

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