Iron Walls

    Pitch Video

    A series of vignettes showcase the life journey of a person who has chosen to hide away from the world.

    Genre: Psychedelic

    Music Lead

    Andrew's Pale Horses

    Andrew's Pale Horses

    I will be working with Morgan Ermter and Jospeh Wright from Numera Films to create a music video for my song 'Iron Walls' from my debut EP.

    About the song

    Iron Walls is about a person dealing with a lack of emotional availability in both romantic and non-romantic settings. The term Iron Walls is meant to be a metaphorical fortress that this person has made around themselves that they've grown so comfortable in that, despite their best intentions, other parts of their life have fallen by the wayside.

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    Video Lead

    Morgan Ermter

    Morgan Ermter

    Using my knowledge and experience with creating zero-budget short films I can take a little and turn it into a much larger production.

    Why I want to work with Andrew's Pale Horses

    Andrew, and subsequently his Pale Horses, have contributed graciously and tirelessly on film projects as composers, location sounds mixers, actors and more. This band is something that has always been a part of their identity and something that deserves showcasing. Having mostly worked behind the scenes I want to help bring them into the spotlight.

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    The Team

    We're a tight knit crew of artists and technicians who have worked together on numerous low budget short films and series and we're thrilled to take on the challenge once again with the Iron Walls music video.


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