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  • Alberta
  • 9 min. 18 sec.
  • Lauren & Rob Lim
  • POV

A shy photographer faces her fears, packs up her instant film camera, and hits the streets of her hometown. By photographing the strangers she meets, she’ll discover what makes a photo truly valuable.

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Sharing the magic of photography – one sheet of instant film at a time.


What happens when you give a photo, instead of just taking it? This documentary will explore this question, using the magic of instant film. I’ll take to the streets of my hometown, photographing the people I meet. We'll share the anticipation as the film develops in front of our eyes, and then I'll give them the image I create. The significance of this exchange is something I experienced firsthand when I brought instant film to Peru, and photographed the folks I met there. Now I want to bring viewers with me, so they too can see the magic of photography, and the powerful experiences you can have when you share instant film with others.


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Lauren Lim
Lauren Lim

10 minutes


We have an enthusiastic host, a super talented camera crew and an editor already assembled to make an incredible documentary! We're totally ready to roll!

Lauren Lim

Lauren Lim

Project Lead, Director, Writer, Host, Production Manager, Production Design, Voice Over, Motion Graphics, Producer, Social Media Strategist


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