Henna Box Art image
  • Alberta
  • 4 min. 39 sec.
  • Fami Kaur Biji
  • Emily Schoen & Monika Kobos, Assistant Camera: Jesse Nash
  • Art House

Henna explores the battle of darkness within a women's mind using experimental methods. What happens when our inner demons twist reality into something horrifying?

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The world may seem grey, but a battle of darkness and light consumes each of us. Sometimes we are our own worst enemy.


We all have our own power struggle within ourselves; sometimes the struggle between darkness and light in the brain is too real. HENNA is an experimental short film symbolizing the struggle between darkness and light inside one women’s mind. Using the symbol of Indian Henna, traditionally representing life and light, we explore a deep struggle of darkness and death. One wrong step towards the darkness means we can lose the light forever. When darkness is the only way out, which side will you chose?


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Created By

Melissa Kreil
Melissa Kreil

5 minutes


We are so excited to celebrate diverse women in film with our female Director, Fami Kaur & collaborate with the ever talented David Baron to bring this abstract film to life!

Melissa Kreil

Melissa Kreil

Project Lead, Producer

Fami Kaur

Fami Kaur


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Production Design