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  • British-Columbia
  • 10 min.
  • Jen Muranetz
  • Hazel Bell-Koski, Melissa De Genova, Scott East, Alyse Gabriel, Matt George, Pulxaneeks Grant, Sadhu Johnston, Erik Karklins, Geoff Meggs, Dana Mowat, Dylan Ohep, Makiah Ohep, Tito Ohep, Erik Paulsson, Juniper Quin, Gregor Robertson, Rahul Sethi, Elisabeth
  • POV

BETTER TOGETHER is a short documentary that delves into Vancouver’s collective housing subculture by vignetting several collective houses and documenting the political movement unfolding around this alternative way of living.

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Inside Vancouver's collective housing culture.


Vancouver has been crowned the loneliest and most unaffordable city in Canada. While many Vancouverites struggle with these issues, a growing number of people are turning to collective living. Coliving has been around for generations, but it's recently been reinvigorated by the popularized sharing economy. In this housing model, residents share living space, interests and common values. BETTER TOGETHER delves into this subculture by vignetting some of Vancouver’s most established collective houses - from a mansion, to a multigenerational home. We'll discover how this lifestyle is a community-minded solution to Vancouver’s loneliness epidemic and inflated housing market.


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Created By

Jen Muranetz
Jen Muranetz

Digital Short
10 minutes


We're looking for talented team members with a vested interest in co-living. If you're a keen videographer, motion graphics artist or sound engineer, contact our Project Lead for more info.

Jen Muranetz

Jen Muranetz

Project Lead, Director, Editor, Writer, Producer

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