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  • British-Columbia
  • 10 min.
  • Shelby Wilson
  • Roseanne Supernault Nakita Kohan Darren Adams
  • Drama

In the year of 1985 in a small town, two unlike people, Darcy and Enola form a friendship while attending a party. When danger nears, and tension rises the pair make a quick escape only to take an unexpected journey home in a shopping cart.

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In a small town in 1985, Darcy and Enola connect at a party when conflict ensues and they must safely ditch for home.


In a small town in 1985, Darcy (22) drifts along at her four year May Creek High School reunion party. Alone and bitter, she has a sudden surprise to see one of her former classmates Enola, a first nations woman, who has worked up the courage to make an appearance at reunion party, seeking acceptance after four years. After enduring discriminating actions and bullying from fellow peers, Darcy is drawn to Enola by their common need of companionship. With Derek (22) who is full of hate and rage, looming over Enola, Darcy decides to make a quick escape for them to get home. In the spur of the moment they find a shopping cart that guides them on their journey home. A journey that not only takes them on an adventure but a journey that creates a bond between them, for a strong friendship.


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Created By

Shelby  Wilson
Shelby Wilson

10 minutes


Come join us as we drift softly through the universe.

Shelby  Wilson

Shelby Wilson

Project Lead, Director

Rose Stiffarm

Rose Stiffarm

Camera Operator, Producer

Production Design

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