Under The Radar


    In the frontier days of the digital revolution, a team of Canadian engineers raced against NASA to be the first to design a computer processor that could transform satellite radar data into images of the earth's surface.

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    Under The Radar

    • British-Columbia
    • Length: 9 min. 56 sec.
    • Director: Erin Cumming
    • Genre: Biographical
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    Pitch Video

    1978. A small upstart team of Canadian computer Engineers compete with NASA to revolutionize satellite imagery of Earth.

    Genre: Documentary
    Target Audience: Adults
    Target Length: 10 minutes
    Budget: $10,000

    Created By

    erin cumming ,  British-Columbia


    In 1978, a group of engineers at MacDonald Dettwiler and Associates in Richmond, BC set out to modernize radar data processing. At the time, radar images were brought to life through an imperfect and arduous process using lenses and film. Our guys were asked to figure out how to process the data with a computer. It was deemed impossible given the very limited capacity of computers of the day. At the same time, a well-funded team at NASA set out to accomplish the same goal. The race was on. Under The Radar delves into this exciting, heady time in the history of BC's tech industry.


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    Michael and I are super excited about this project! Together we have over 20 years of combined motion picture experience and are eager to tackle this documentary about a dramatic piece of BC history.

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