Trapped in a nightmare, Lily falls under the sway of her demons as they lead her in a grotesque dance to the edge of oblivion. She must find the strength to survive, or perish along with the woman she loves.

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    • Alberta
    • Length: 5 min. 56 sec.
    • Director: Anna Cooley
    • Actors: Elena Belyea, Anna Fiddler-Berteig, Rebecca Collins, Charlotte, Cranston, Kristel Harder, Olivia Latta, Noel Taylor
    • Genre: Drama
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    Pitch Video

    Evil lurks within Lily's nightmares and creeps into the physical realm. She must defeat it to save the woman she loves.

    Genre: Drama
    Target Audience: Youth 12-17
    Target Length: 10 minutes
    Budget: $10,000

    Created By

    Anna Cooley ,  Alberta


    Inspired by 1920’s German existential film, this contemporary take on Sleeping beauty follows Lily as she fights for control of her demons in order to save her lover from eternal slumber. While asleep in bed, Lily becomes trapped in a nightmare. Haunting figures manipulate her in a grotesque dance that transfers into the physical realm, causing Lily to sleepwalk to the bank of an icy river. The nightmare dance intensifies as she is pulled closer to her doom. Standing in the icy water the face of her lover appears in a heart upon her chest, giving her the strength she needs to defeat the demons, wake up, and throw herself from the river. Now free, Lily searches the forest for the woman she loves, finding her at last in a clearing. A kiss is all it takes.


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    The Team

    With a long history of working together on diverse creative projects, our team is excited to be collaborating on the artistic short film Sleepwalker. Each team member is recognized in their field, and committed to delivering a fantastic film.

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