Ad Orientem

    Pitch Video

    A woman's lonely wanderings in the most sacred of spaces: is she on the edge of a breakdown - or a breakthrough?

    Genre: Fiction
    Topics: Arts, Multicultural
    Target Audience: Adults
    Target Length: 8 minutes
    Budget: $10,000

    Created By

    Nathan Douglas ,  British-Columbia


    A woman walks into a downtown cathedral. She seems distraught as she hurries to a pew to pray. As she tries to calm herself and meditate in the stillness of the quiet church, her phone rings. She ignores it, but the caller is persistent. She answers the call, wandering aimlessly up the aisle, trying not to disturb anyone. As she winds her way around the sanctuary, details and hints of her tumultuous relationship with this person spill out. Every step she takes brings her closer to an emotional meltdown. AD ORIENTEM is a snapshot of emotional upheaval in one woman's life, and an exploration of sacred space and cinematic movement. Filmed completely in a one-take following shot we aim to probe the emotional landscape within and without.


    Holy Rosary Cathedral - Architecture

    The Team

    Meet the team: Nathan Douglas (writer/director), Alexandra Caulfield (Producer), Devan Scott (DOP), Will Ross (Sound Designer), & James Penco (Script supervisor).

    Character Breakdowns