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STORYHIVE 2022 Summer Crew Program Details

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Applicants must:

  • Apply with a co-creator (applications are open to teams of two), however, if you choose to apply as an individual creator you will be solely responsible to develop, produce and deliver your livestream content on your own."

  • Be the age of majority, or older, in their province of residence (British Columbia or Alberta) as of the STORYHIVE Summer crew application deadline date, April 5, 2021 at 5:00pm PDT/6:00pm MDT and eligible to work in Canada

  • Be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident of and able to produce dedicated content for their individual city or combined region:

    • Calgary

    • Edmonton 

    • Edmonton or Fort Mac (must be able to produce content for both cities and travel between them as needed)

    • Grand Prairie

    • Prince George 

    • Vancouver (includes Lower Mainland)

    • Vernon or Revelstoke (must be able to produce content for both cities and travel between them as needed)

    • Vernon or Penticton or Kamloops (must be able to produce content for all cities and travel between them as needed)

  • Be available from May 1 - August 12, 2022 to work full-time (based on 37.5 hours / week)  

  • Be able to work odd hours (weekends, evenings and early mornings, depending on livestreaming schedule)

  • Own or have access to a laptop or computer for cloud based work (e.g. access Google Drive documents and editing software)

Preference given to those who own or have access to a vehicle as some travel may be required (Business Use insurance recommended)


  • Passion for showcasing your community through storytelling and reporting

  • Ability to develop and manage a multi-month project and follow a weekly delivery schedule  

  • Preference given to those with experience livestreaming or creating user generated content (e.g. presence on: YouTube; Instagram Live; TikTok Live; Podcasting; Twitch [not gaming]; or recorded experience interviewing, hosting or anchoring live events)

  • Experience with creating budgets and expense tracking/reporting



$25/hour, based on full time hours at 37.5 hours / week (includes weekly flat food and gas per diem), and limited monthly allowable expenses. No overtime will be required. 

Livestream Gear Kit Includes:

  • Iphone 13 ProMax (1T) + Unlimited Free Wifi

  • SmallRig Professional Livestream Kit + Mic, Light and Mini Tripod

  • Rode Wireless Go Lav II Mic System  

  • Neewer Fluid Head Tripod 

  • Neewer Mobile LED Light Panel + Wireless Battery Kit

  • Larix App

  • Editing App (iMovie)


In addition to the above we want to set you up for success. Over the course of two intensive days of training, we’ll guide you through what you need to know about planning and producing your ideas. We’ll touch on…    

  • The equipment you’ll be using

  • How to track and budget within your allowable expenses for each month

  • What consent and releases you’ll need 

  • How to represent STORYHIVE in your community 

  • Best practices to manage the livestream you’re responsible for

  • How to navigate your delivery and assets for Vidflex and Optik VOD 


Representation matters. We encourage all creators to ensure that they are engaging a diverse cross section of people, places, events and happenings in their region, including communities who traditionally face barriers to representation on screen. We prioritize diversity and inclusion, and your application should reflect that you are committed to covering a plurality of voices. You are expected to strive for fair and balanced coverage which always obtains appropriate and legal consent to livestream and film. 

Eligible Livestreaming Content

  • Community events (e.g. farmers market, festival of lights, parades, etc.)

  • Sporting events (e.g. amateur leagues, charity tournaments; or lesser known activities, such as: roller derby, skate park, Ultimate Frisbee etc.) 

  • Local business profiles (e.g. profile the owner of a local bakery or restaurant and follow along for a tutorial on how to make a special dish or bread, interview businesses performing sustainable practices, tour of a farm that’s innovating on food production, sit in on a class that offers a creative approach to physical or mental health, etc.) 

  • Local people profiles (e.g. interview local public or political figures, Elders, librarians, creatives, musicians, teachers, advocates, historians, etc.) 

  • Local location profiles (e.g. touring the local hiking trails, architectural sites, tourist attractions, historical landmarks, etc.)

Ineligible Livestreaming Content

  • Music events, performances and live festivals (including cover artists)

  • Advertisements and promotional material, including logos and branded images  

  • Content that does not meet broadcast standards (e.g. violence, coarse language, sexually explicit content) 


Applications must be received by April 5, 2022, 5pm PT

Main Page


Apply Now


What is the deadline to apply for STORYHIVE Summer Crew?
Applications must be received by April 5, 2022, 5pm PT / 6pm MT

How long does this program run?
You must be available from May 2 - Aug 12, 2022.

Do I have to apply with my friend? 
We encourage you to work with someone you are comfortable being creative and professional with for the length of the contract. Given what is required to operate the gear you’ll be using and the prep work to bring each livestream to fruition, having the support of one other person will be vital to the success of your live coverage. If you choose to apply on your own, as an individual creator, you will be expected to manage the same workflow on your own. Isn’t it more fun to hang with your bestie all summer? 

Can I apply as an individual?
Yes. We acknowledge that there may be some exceptional candidates out there who can certainly manage the expected workflow on their own. Show us what you got!

Are applications limited to people who reside in the listed regions only? 
Yes, for regions which detail two or more cities each team member must be from one of the cities in the region you are applying for and you must be willing to travel to the other(s) to complete the allotted amount of coverage required in each area. 

How come some Crews have more than one city to cover? (eg. Vernon, Penticton, Kamloops)
STORYHIVE Summer Crew is a pilot program and we are experimenting with certain combinations within serving regions to determine the future viability of delivering this program, in addition, we'd like to offer creators variation for their summer experience.

What does it mean to be locally reflective?
For projects to be locally reflective, they must focus on people, topics or events that are relevant and connected to the applicant’s community and region of residence. (Note: The applicants’ residences must be one of the communities eligible for STORYHIVE funding. Please refer to the list of communities that are eligible for STORYHIVE Summer Crew before applying.)

When you say "Vancouver (includes Lower Mainland)," what does that mean?
Vancouver as a serving region is considered a part of the Lower Mainland. You are eligible to apply for the Vancouver crew if you reside in the Lower Mainland. Please reach out to us before applying if you are unsure if your city is considered part of the Lower Mainland.

What rights do I need for any materials used in my Project?
If selected, Crews must be able to provide a complete, clean and unencumbered chain of title (proof of rights ownership) for all of the livestreams they produce and record, and must enter into a Contract Agreement with TELUS STORYHIVE. The applicant must have and retain all necessary release forms and the rights to all the music (including synchronization and master use rights) and all other material including logos and signage, interviews, performances, etc. in your live stream and recordings.

How many hours will I spend in prep vs. how many hours will I spend livestreaming? 
That depends on how much experience you have preparing multiple projects and organizing your reporting plans. There will be a portion of your week structured by our STORYHIVE team to ensure you are meeting your deliveries, the rest of the time you will be in the field streaming and engaging with your community. A rough estimate of 50/50 is the average. 

I’m a STORYHIVE Alumni and have experience making films, but livestreaming is new to me, can I still apply? 
Absolutely! Livestreaming is a creative skill and its foundations are in filmmaking and broadcasting. Show us what you’ve got in your application and perhaps you’re best for the job! 

I’m already the recipient of an ongoing funded project through STORYHIVE or TELUS Originals, can I still apply? 
Unfortunately we won’t be able to offer funding to those currently being funded in other TELUS programs. However, we do encourage you to consider applying for a future iteration of this program. 

If I'm working on a project funded by STORYHIVE, but I'm not the project lead, am I eligible to apply?
Yes! If you are not currently funded as a project lead, you are welcome to apply to Summer Crew.

When will I know if my application is selected? 
You will be contacted by April 15th at the latest to start our collaboration on May 1, 2022. 

If you have any further questions please contact summercrew [@]