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Shalome Hope

Artist, Director, Producer, Host, Actor

Shalome Hope, Cree, Thunderchild FN, uses she/her pronouns, is an artist, Metis cultural dancer/performer, a mother, de-colonizationist, Indigenous language advocate, mobilizer for Indigenous Midwifery, and anti-racism activist. Alongside educational and consulting work, Shalome’s work in film began in 2009 (Lil Smokey), and since then has seen her in films such as Indian Giver(Siksika: 2016), Letter to my Unborn Child(2017), Canaan(Belgium: 2017), Kills Last(Browning: 2017) and Warrior Fathers (2018). Shalome was cast in Indigenous Tales an Urban Society for Aboriginal Youth theatre production. Further work; modelling at Otahpiaaki Indigenous Fashion Week, Metis Jigging workshops, traveling with Trickster Theatre, Curriculum Development/Instructing at MRU and graduate studies at UofC.

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