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Love Nwigwe

Red Deer, AB

A writer, director, and producer of an award winning movie on racial discrimination “I can’t Breathe” funded by TelusStoryHive . A quality driven person very passionate about creative arts, writing movies, documentaries, fashion shows and creative activities that can engage people’s imagination with cultural dance and drumming. Founder and owner of Ugoeze Production & BI Consulting INC. Red Deer Alberta Canada received some prestigious awards such as, Sydney Corell humanitarian Award Charlotte USA (2017) Diversity award Red Deer, Alberta Canada (2018), DDEA Humanitarian Award 2022 Baltimore USA 2021, NBCC Fil Fraser Award of Excellence for an outstanding work in visual arts 2023 (AB), International Celebrity awards Paris visual art 2023 Panelist at the Afro Cannes festival


1xFunded team lead

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I Can't Breathe
I Can't BreatheDrama · $20,000 Fund
Team lead