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Heidi Henderson

Vancouver, BC
Writer, Voice Over

Some people curate wine, I curate rock. I'm a natural history educator, writer — and budding podcaster — who loves to share about palaeontology and the gorgeous geology of the Pacific Northwest. I write a geeky science blog, ARCHEA (Ranked 10 Top Paleontology blogs globally); have a column on Science 2.0 and co-authored In Search of Ancient BC. My blog & podcast offer up delicious accessible bite-size palaeo with a focus on British Columbia & Alberta — plus some favourite Canadian outcrops and those from around the globe. Since starting the Fossil Huntress — Palaeo Sommelier Podcast in October 2020, it has had over 8,200 listens in 55 countries. I love the stories written in our rock and would love to collaborate on projects that celebrate geology, palaeontology & First Nations history.

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