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Morgan Ermter

Director, Editor, Writer, Producer, Sound Engineer, Motion Graphics

For the past 7 years I've been working with personally made "do it yourself" equipment to make short films. I've written, directed, lit, and edited these works and have constantly been seeking to improve my skills the best way possible: through repetition and persistence. I'm incredibly blessed to have a group of people who are not only willing to support me in my goals but additionally share in my excitement of creating films. Our company, Numera Films, is on the edge of being able to create our own projects, we just need a final push to get there. Our work has screened around the world but we're dedicated to telling stories here at home in Alberta.


2xFunded team lead

Past projects

AbracadaversComedy · $60,000 Fund
Team lead
Abracadavers: The Series
Abracadavers: The SeriesComedy · $100,000 Fund
Team lead

Demo reel

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