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Jason Smith

Cochrane, AB
Director, Camera Operator

Jason Smith is an aspiring Documentary Director based in Cochrane, Alberta. After graduating from UofC with a BFA in Photography & Film Studies. He then went on to pursue a career in marketing, creating video and web marketing initiatives for corporate clients. He found a love for visual storytelling at an early age, making his first 8mm film at the age of 11, and has been aspiring to direct narrative and documentary projects ever since. Growing up in various NWT, and AB locations, Jason has developed a deep love of nature, adventure, and exploration of all forms. He strives to tell stories that are balanced, powerful, authentic, and catalyze growth and transitional thought within the viewer. He hopes one day, to be able to share his own films with a broad and diverse audience.


1xFunded team lead

Past projects

Between Dog & Wolf
Between Dog & WolfDocumentary · $20,000 Fund
Team lead