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Andrea Helleman

Director, Editor, Writer, Producer, Host, Actor, Production Manager, Camera Operator, Social Media Strategist

I don't light fires - I fan sparks until they blaze. And I love to tell, listen and share stories through photography, video, writing and my podcast ‘The Lawless Podcast’. Since 2004 I have run my own Business + Brand Development Company where I utilize my skills as a brander, graphic designer, photographer, cinematographer, writer, editor, instructor, content creator, web developer, marketer and consultant. It allows me to seamlessly build out projects and businesses across all of the platforms. Since losing my Mother my professional goals have shifted and become more heart centered. My goal is to be creating a legacy for myself and others by connecting to our life’s purpose and unravelling the human experience through the sharing of stories, passion projects and initiatives.


1xFunded team lead

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Can't Stop Love // The Web Series
Can't Stop Love // The Web SeriesDocumentary · $80,000 Fund
Team lead

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