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Linda Pidhirney

Artist, Editor, Writer, Producer

I first developed a passion for storytelling as a consultant assisting clients with preserving their family photos and teaching the importance of capturing their memories by including the written story behind their photos. I worked with clients on design, page layout and their written work. I have had the recent opportunity to assist in the development of a story that became an award-winning short film. I have also edited several scripts and a feature screenplay, some of which have been produced and shown on the festival circuit. Professionally, I am focusing on advocating for those who need to share their story. In my day to day career, I am a legal assistant. The skills that I have mastered enable me to be effectual in many aspects of pre-production and post-production of film.


1xFunded team lead
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Past projects

Poetry,War and the Dance of Life
Poetry,War and the Dance of LifeDocumentary · $50,000 Fund
Team member
Anonymous Heroes
Anonymous HeroesDocumentary · $20,000 Fund
Team lead

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