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Artist, Band, Director, Editor, Writer, Actor, Production Design, Music

Love for the performing arts started in high school on the promise of a kiss where I excelled in theatre but after graduating, music took place of acting. Learning how to sing and play guitar gave me a creative outlet. My interest in acting never truly waned and I wanted to know how movies were made. This took me into working as a background extra for a short time. Music has stayed with me to this day but my interest and thirst for knowledge in film-making continues to grow. This took me to a private college in Vancouver where I began to studying film acting and returned me to theatre. Graduating with honors I went on to find work as an actor on the independent circuit of Vancouver. Now I want to learn film production to tell my own stories not only through music but moving pictures.


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Sisters of Sorrow
Sisters of SorrowDrama · $20,000 Fund
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