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The music of Ghostkeeper is a continually-evolving organism; the defining aspect of all their music to date, is that the band truly sounds like no one else. The current iteration of the band – uniting core members Shane Ghostkeeper and Sarah Houle with drummer Eric Hamelin and bassist Ryan Bourne – has carved out Ghostkeeper’s most unique soundworld to date. Their songs incorporate elements of 60s girl-group melodies, dashes of country royalty, and a profound melodic sense drawn equally from ‘90s indie rock, African pop, and traditional Indigenous music. The latest Ghostkeeper album is a dystopian story of Sheer Blouse and Buffalo Knocks, spiritualist/explorer of realms and benevolent warrior, chronicling their battle against environmental destruction on their home lands in the north.


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I Was Lost (And You Were Dreaming)
I Was Lost (And You Were Dreaming)Psychedelic · $10,000 Fund
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