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Director, Editor, Writer, Producer, Actor, Production Manager, Voice Over, Music, Social Media Strategist

Kamal Dabir (Kabul, Afghanistan | November 18th 1990) is a Film/Music residing in Vancouver, British Columbia. As a music producer he has produced with international acts as well as North American Artists such as Malikai Motion, Samy T, King H, Eden Park from LC9, Walden Ash, Lord SLY, and West Coast Rising Superstar Kresnt Known recently for his success as a Film Producer and Director, Kamal “Kane” Dabir has produced for Multiple acts over the last three years in the industry; notable credits for his name includes Kresnt , Mozhdah, Baka Not Nice, Paul Wall , Drake, Sean Zhu, Cloudy Tunnel, Aloma Steele , Preme and more. In affiliation for Brands such as TiV Productions, Sidler LTD, LightHouse Media, Ignite Fitness, Coffee & Banana, and Brillstein Entertainment Partners.


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