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King of Foxes offers up something of value: a musical divining rod that pulls the listener to an inner river that is at once both familiar and uncanny. Delivered in a voice equal parts fierce and fragile, frontwoman Olivia Street’s lyrics are poetic and evocative, deftly interwoven with seeing-eye guitar hooks and a cogent understanding of songcraft. Her signature sound is quirky and textural, incorporating elements of Brit-pop and melodic indie rock that inform a well-read musical style. Lush with layered guitars, infectious vocal melodies, and “instant indie-rock cred”, the 2016 release, Golden Armour, boasts a radio-ready aesthetic of alt-rock influences, and the album charted on the Canadian independent music charts for 17 weeks. A new release, titled Salt & Honey, is out soon.


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Room With a ViewFolk · $10,000 Fund
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