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Artist, Director, Editor, Actor

My film journey began in a theater group which connected me to my first role in a student film & from that moment I was hooked. Training continued in film camps at RDC, acting classes, workshops, & more roles in film projects. This unexpectedly led to directing my own film projects, which created a passion for working both behind the camera as well as in front of it. I love all aspects of filmmaking & enjoy being part of creating films that move people, enlighten, educate, inspire change & carry emotional weight. I strive to bring the joy I have for film into my work so my audience can also share in this joy & passion. My future includes film school to learn the technical, professional & business aspects of filmmaking and build my production company. Let's collaborate & make a film!


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Breaking Stigmas
Breaking StigmasDocumentary · $50,000 Fund
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