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Nolan Chapman

Director, Editor, Writer, Producer, Host, Actor, Production Manager, Camera Operator, Social Media Strategist

Photographer/Cinematographer/Writer/Director/Actor. Owner of The Medium Projects (TMP), a company that offers professional high-quality content concerning all aspects of photo/film. Nolan started his photo and production career at TRU. Nolan began writing, directing, & acting in his own plays for his acting class (completed with honours). Nolan is currently a Social Media Ambassador for TRU World, where he produces promotional videos & photographs events. Nolan has also acted in music videos, hosted informative videos for TRU, & has been a Staff Writer for The Omega Newspaper. TMP has recently collaborated with The Kamloops Art Council and CFJC Kamloops to produce a commercial. TMP has also jointly produced two PSAs concerning mental health with Alpha-Omega Prod. & Vesta Giles.


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When I'm Dead
When I'm DeadDrama · $10,000 Fund
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