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Gerald Auger

Director, Writer, Producer

Canadian actor, producer, writer & motivational speaker of Woodland Cree descent. Gerald produced, wrote & directed the 2007 short film Walking Alone about the life of rapper Shawn Bernard, and the 2008 National Film Board of Canada documentary Honour Thy Father that tells the story of his conflict with the Anglican Church (which refused his late father to have a traditional native funeral), and won Best Film Representing Cultural Diversity at the Alberta Motion Picture Industry Awards in 2009. In 2013, worked on his latest film project Jesus in the Lodge - The Forgotten Truth of the Wilderness, exploring the Son of God as one of the first Sundancer, for he was one of the first men to give his flesh to a tree. Gerald has been acting the last 20 years in film/television in Hollywood.


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Sisters of Sorrow
Sisters of SorrowDrama · $20,000 Fund
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