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Artist, Writer, Host, Production Design, Social Media Strategist

My name is Pooja and I'm a Surrey based creative. I study psych & Gender, Sexuality, Women’s Studies at SFU. I am a Governor Generals Award recipient and I've also had multiple features on Buzzfeed regarding my cultural activism. I'm the founder of Thepoojaproject, an online platform to empower women & people of colour. I am the former creative director for SFU fashion week & I’ve also produced a City of Surrey funded photography show on South Asian women, titled “Individuality”. In addition, I have great public speaking skills, as I've been a guest speaker for UN & UNICEF events. Lastly, I have also been featured as a social expert in Vice's Undercut series, "Rising tension in BC’s south asian community". My ultimate goal is to make people think & raise conversations through my art.


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