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Maya Ritchey

Director, Writer, Actor

Maya Ritchey identifies as a queer, femme filmmaker, event producer and performance artist. She has advanced skills in film directing, writing producing and editing. Maya’s work has been showcased at New York, Vancouver & Tokyo Fashion Week, Vancouver Queer Film Festival, Queer Arts Festival, Transform Cabaret and with Out In Schools. As a queer woman living with chronic pain and mental illness, Maya is passionate about creating content and opportunities for and with underrepresented groups such as disabled people, BIPOC individuals and the 2SLGBTQIA+ community. Ritchey has previously received a grant from STORYHIVE for her work and she continues to strive to gain funding for more of her meaningful projects.


2xFunded team member

Past projects

DemonsWorld · $10,000 Fund
Team member
Gotcha!Comedy · $60,000 Fund
Team member

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