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Sunny Chen

Artist, Director, Writer, Producer, Actor, Voice Over, Social Media Strategist

I am a Chinese Canadian filmmaker and musician. Born in Nanjing, I settled on MST lands AKA "Vancouver, BC" at 6 years old; my ancestors are from Sichuan and Hubei. My work conveys the loneliness of capitalism, being misunderstood as a racialized person, being preyed upon as a young, underprivileged woman-presenting person of colour in the art community, and the dysfunctions of my upbringing. My goal is to provide other marginalized people, and low-income artists, a platform to create, collaborate, teach, learn, and be heard (e.g. I curated 'Objets d' Arc' in 2016, and produced #OceanGirlMV). I write, direct, and co-produce BIPOC-led series #OpenEthnicityTV. Pay people of colour in leadership positions, especially Black and Indigenous women, nonbinary folks, and Two Spirit. Period.


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Open Ethnicity Pilot
Open Ethnicity PilotComedy · $80,000 Fund
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