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Elena Eli Belyea

Artist, Writer, Actor, Voice Over

I am a performer, producer, arts educator, and graduate of the National Theatre School’s Playwriting program. I’m also the Artistic Director of Tiny Bear Jaws, an agile, femme-run cross-Canadian theatre company which produces innovative, provocative, entertaining, and interdisciplinary new works (co-run with designer, producer, theatre-maker, and long-time collaborator Tori Morrison). My plays have been produced in cities across North America (including Montreal, Toronto, Edmonton, Calgary, Ottawa, Quebec, and Wells) and received numerous awards. I am also one half of the queer sketch comedy duo, "Gender? I Hardly Know Them". Find out more at and @belyeache (Twitter)!


1xFunded team lead
1xFunded team member

Past projects

SleepwalkerDrama · $10,000 Fund
Team member
Gender? I Hardly Know Them
Gender? I Hardly Know ThemComedy · $80,000 Fund
Team lead

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