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Janalee Budge

Director, Writer, Producer, Production Design, Camera Operator

I am a biracial, female Director/Producer with a commercial Director background mainly in the outdoor tourism sector. Recently my passion is documentary stories that give underrepresented people a voice. I have written and directed a few short films both narrative and doc and worked in the camera department on larger narrative sets. My directing style combines my love for unique stories with artistic, cinematic visuals. I'm obsessed with light and love working with super passionate DP's. I'm happiest when I'm jamming with other creatives and shine when the pressure is on. I would love any opportunity to Direct or offer Creative input to pretty much anything. I've worked on music videos, horrors, mental health shorts, quirky narratives and poetic outdoor commercial shoots. I love it all.


1xFunded team lead
1xFunded team member

Past projects

My Rainbow Family
My Rainbow FamilyDocumentary · $100,000 Fund
Team member
The Happiness Tour
The Happiness TourDocumentary · $10,000 Fund
Team lead

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