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Anna Cooley

Artist, Director, Editor, Writer, Producer, Production Design

Anna Cooley is a film writer-producer-director based in Calgary, Alberta. Her multi-award winning feature documentary A Sauropod Abroad is currently making its way around the international festival circuit along with her STORYHIVE funded short Sleepwalker. Her production company Erratic Pictures creates projects that explore different styles of storytelling through film, collaborating with artists in many disciplines and experimenting with new technologies like virtual reality. Anna is an IATSE Local 212 member and has worked in Props, Set Decoration and the Art Department. She has also worked as Production Designer on numerous short film projects specializing in western period pieces. She volunteers her time to promote social justice causes, and mentor youth and indigenous filmmakers.


1xFunded team lead
2xFunded team member

Past projects

SleepwalkerDrama · $10,000 Fund
Team lead
The PsyBorgs
The PsyBorgsComedy · $100,000 Fund
Team member

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