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Beatrice King

Director, Writer, Producer, Actor, Social Media Strategist

As an actor, Beatrice King's numerous Film & TV credits include 'X-Men: Wolverine', 'Supernatural', & 'Mortal Kombat'. Recently, she formed No Skydivers Productions, with a focus on showcasing Canadian Talent. Their first film premiered at the Oregon Independent Film Festival; Beatrice was awarded Best Actress in a Short. After writing & producing the sci-fi short, ‘Echo and Solomon’, (Directed by Jem Garrard), she went on to co-produce ‘The Wolf Who Came to Dinner’, a Winner at the Crazy 8’s Film Competition. Also a Producer on Artaban's 'Unit Bryan', Beatrice is the Youth Director at McIlroy & Associates where she coaches actors for Film & Television. Her strength as a leader and collaborator is the ability to get the best performance out actors, while communicating a clear vision.


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