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Satinder Kassoana

Director, Writer, Producer, Actor, Camera Operator

Satinder Kassoana's writing/directing credits include Bonjour Ji (2015), a French short film about the prejudice different races and communities keep against each other. The film won the best short film award at International Film Festival of South Asia Toronto 2015, Richmond International Film Festival USA 2016, Washington DC South Asian Film Festival 2015, Vancouver International South Asian Film Festival 2015 (Best North American Short). His other writing/directing credits include Don’t Walk Among the Dead’ (2016), a short film set in a post-apocalyptic world. Satinder’s documentary ‘Hockey United’ (2017) which he wrote, co-directed and edited, about a young ice-hockey player of Indian descent, was nominated in ‘Best Production Representing Cultural Diversity’ in AMPIA awards 2017.


1xFunded team lead
1xFunded team member

Past projects

Don't Walk Among The Dead
Don't Walk Among The DeadDrama · $10,000 Fund
Team lead
A TRICKSTER TALEComedy · $10,000 Fund
Team member

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