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Kim Clark is a Nanaimo author, poet, playwright and gimp. Clark’s newest work, A One-Handed Novel (Caitlin Press 2018), takes an edgy dive into disability, sex, money and laughs. She has also published short fiction—Attemptations (Caitlin Press 2011)—and poetry—Middle Child of Summer (Leaf Press), Sit You Waiting (Caitlin Press 2012), and Dis ease ad De sire, the M anu S cript (Lipstick Press 2013)—as well as co-editing the red-head anthology, Canadian Ginger (Oolichan Books 2017). She’s been a finalist in both Theatre BC’s Playwriting Competition and The Malahat Review’s novella contest and she’s dying to bring her latest characters to life on screen!


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Disease & Desire
Disease & DesireComedy · $80,000 Fund
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