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Philip Planta

Artist, Director, Editor, Writer, Producer, Production Manager, Motion Graphics

Phil Planta is a filmmaker, producer and VFX Artist. As a VFX artist for ‘Once Upon a Time’, ‘Falling Skies’, JJ Abrams ‘Revolution,’, VFX camera for ‘Twilight - Breaking Dawn - Part 2’, Tim Burton’s “Big Eyes”, Data Wrangler ‘‘Red 2’. He was a VFX Supervisor/Associate Producer on the 2019 Tribeca Official Short selection “The Shipment”. His short films “Contaminant”, “Final Wishes”, "Skin to Skin" won the VAFF MAMM. Phil was the Producer of the features "Beyond Redemption" and the upcoming "Magayon". A STORYHIVE veteran, he produced “Akashi”,"Gong Ju", "Karaoke Mamas", and "The Day We Met". He produced the Crazy8s films "Gemini" and "Parabola". Mr. Planta is producing the Harold Greenberg Funded BC Short Winners “Dumerte Nino” a horror, and “In Loving Memory” starring Andrea Bang.


2xFunded team member

Past projects

Akashi-あかし-Drama · $10,000 Fund
Team member
GajokDrama · $10,000 Fund
Team member

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