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Director, Writer, Producer, Host, Actor, Voice Over

For the past 25 years Ellie Harvie has made a living as a TV and Film actress in Vancouver. She came through Theatre (Vancouver Playhouse School) and with strong roots in local improv (Vancouver TheatreSports League) and the stand-up scene (Yuk-Yuks, Lafflines) comedy is her forte! From playing Morticia in "The NewAddams Family” to Candace/Mrs, Bubkes in “Some Assembly Required” and the hundred other titles in between, she is a pro in front of the camera. In that time she has learned, watched and waited to make the transition to directing, backed with a huge wealth of knowledge and experience. A a past Director and Treasurer on the board of UBCP/ACTRA, Ellie has great regard for all the members of the sister unions, as well as the producers and production associations of the BC Industry.


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