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Sasha Duncan

Director, Editor, Writer, Producer, Production Manager, Production Design, Social Media Strategist

I've been a lover of movies and storytelling since I was a purple-haired teen slinging popcorn at the local theatre. Currently located in Vancouver, BC, by day I'm a producer at a growing boutique animation studio (complete with tiki bar!), focusing on kids TV and gritty comics. During all other waking hours, I run Bokeh Studios West, a West Coast-centric live-action indie studio, with my producing partner, creating authentic, zany, gorgeous stories showcasing unique perspectives. Our projects include "The New Romantics", "Multiverse Dating for Beginners" and the upcoming digital series "Beaver's Edge".


1xFunded team lead

Past projects

The New Romantics
The New RomanticsComedy · $60,000 Fund
Team lead

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