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House Special Jackie Kai Ellis
Jackie Kai Ellis searches for Chinese Canadian holiday tradition in "House Special."

From exploring festive cuisine to revisiting winter films, there’s no pastime more cozy than gathering around the TV and watching your favourite local content during the holidays. We’ve picked a few films and series — new and old — from TELUS originals and STORYHIVE for your viewing pleasure. Happy watching!

TELUS originals “New Traditions” House Special, Episode 4 

Host Jackie Kai Ellis learns the origin story of why Jewish people eat Chinese food on Christmas day and makes a stop at the birthplace of Ginger Beef. Jackie makes the iconic morning after Christmas dish, turkey congee.

TELUS originals “Happiness & Prosperity” House Special, Episode 5 

Through salted fish fried rice, cream cheese wontons, lion dancing and fortune-telling, Jackie learns about the dwindling Asian community in Grande Prairie and creates a classic Lunar New Year dessert, Nian Gao. 

STORYHIVE “The Winter Song” (2016 Digital Shorts Edition) 

When a 7-year-old girl’s plan to run away from her hockey-obsessed family to be a singer fails, she faces an opportunity she never imagined possible. 

STORYHIVE “Kindred” (2018 Immersive Edition)  

A family takes an impulsive leap into backcountry ski lodge ownership, and the course of their lives are changed forever. 

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Posted onDec 08, 2022
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