Meet our Vancouver Community Advisory Board Members!

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Vancouver Local Content Community Advisory Board
Vancouver Community Advisory Board Members

Over the past three months, our team met with the Local Content Community Advisory Boards from across British Columbia and Alberta for our first ever meetings. We held discussions on representation, accessibility and opportunities for our programs - STORYHIVE and TELUS originals - as well as enhancing amplification of our locally relevant content. Let’s meet some of these tremendous folks from Vancouver!

Anu Pala (she/her)

“I am passionate about using all forms of media to tell compelling stories and raise issues to create social change. Despite living with complete vision loss, I have not allowed this to define me, but rather use it to fuel me to inspire and empower others. More often than not, people with disabilities are not invited to the table in the corporate world to share their insights, opinions, and experiences. Over the past several months, I had thought about exploring ways to get involved with TELUS STORYHIVE in some capacity as I really appreciate the work they do to support local creators to help them develop and publish their stories. When I learned about the opportunity to join the TELUS Local Content Community Advisory Board, it immediately resonated with me because it presented me with the chance to have my voice heard.”

Debbie Y.J. Lin (she/her)

“I am an interdisciplinary artist interested in site-specific work focused on the architecture of human sound and languages. My works address the many faces of reconciliation. I believe in equitable creative expressions and advocate for accurate representation in the media. I hoped to join a team who shares my visions for the future of reshaping narratives and restructuring imbalance by way of untold stories behind and in front of the cameras.”

Elizabeth Toward (she/her)

“I chose to join the Local Content Community Advisory Board to better advocate for a resilient, sustainable and healthy local independent film community.”

Ev Wong (she/her)

“I have always been fascinated by stories, from myths and legends to real stories from my next door neighbor. I had heard of the TELUS Local Content Community Advisory Board and wanted to contribute to a community where my voice would be heard and respected. It was also really important for me to find a diverse community who is open to differing opinions, and welcomes people from all sorts of backgrounds to guide local content so it reflects our city's colorful environment.”

Forman Howes (he/his)

“I lived most of my life in Vancouver, on the traditional lands of the Musqueam Nation. I teach media arts at Lord Byng Secondary School and I enjoy writing and directing small independent films whenever I can. After over 20 years of teaching young people the craft of filmmaking I was honoured to be asked to join the Community Advisory Board. I hope to represent the interest of young filmmakers as they start on their journeys to become the new generation of Canadian media makers.”

Gregory Geipel (he/him)

“As a Fine Art Photographer who likes to perpetuate art through community and engagement, I love films and storytelling. I believe my lived experiences as an artist can contribute a point of view for emerging storytellers, makers and artists.”

Johnna Sparrow Crawford (she/her)

“I am a proud member of the Musqueam First Nation. Born and raised in our village, I am passionate about positive change for our people through storytelling. Whether it’s books, film, or television, it’s an opportunity to share and learn more about our history and culture. This is an excellent support for community programs that can help educate on every community level.”

Nataizya Mukwavi (she/her)

“I am the Founder of Black Women Connect Vancouver, a not-for-profit organization in the Lower Mainland. Along with managing the operations of Black Women Connect Vancouver, I am the Program Manager for Black Business Association of BC and a Freelance Leadership consultant with Career Contacts. I love how film and storytelling go hand in hand. There are so many times I hear people's stories and think to myself "Wow! This should be a movie.”

Sarah Wang (she/her)

“I work in the arts, mainly in the visual arts and literary scenes. I've lived in many places in North America and each community had such an abundance of stories. Growing up, I never paid attention to anything "local". After working more closely with local communities, I learned so much about the priorities and interests of artists in this region. It is such an honour to hear and see their stories, and support them in their work.”

Tracy London (she/her)

“I am the Co-Executive Director of Education and Engagement dedicated to achieving QMUNITY’s vision that every queer, trans, and Two-Spirit person in British Columbia have access to the programs and services that they need. I am also a racialized woman of colour in leadership who shares a complex understanding of the intersections of identity, gender and race in systems of oppression. Representation matters. Queering everyday spaces especially through film are critical ways of providing life affirming experiences with and for 2SLGBTQIA+ folks.”

Thank you to our Vancouver board members for their valuable perspectives, and insightful comments on how we can create even greater locally reflective content in 2023!

Posted onNov 19, 2022
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