Meet our Edmonton Community Advisory Board Members!

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We have been so delighted to work with Edmonton community leaders in different industries including film, arts, communications and more in order to amplify our locally reflective content. Each discussion with our Edmonton Local Content Community Advisory Board comes with mindfulness towards accessibility, diversity and inclusivity for content creators and filmmakers in this region to tell the stories that matter most to them. Introducing our Edmonton Local Content Community Advisory Board members!

Connor Yuzwenko-Martin (he/him)

“I am a Deaf Writer, Actor, Accessibility Consultant and Communications Specialist in Edmonton. My north star is to build greater capacity within the community for more Deaf artists to emerge and contribute to the ever-growing array of artistic and theatrical innovations we all get to enjoy. I was unfamiliar with how TELUS contributes to the arts community, so I was eager to learn about what options are available for less-experienced individuals and historically marginalized groups to pursue their own stories and visions. Being able to leverage all possible sources of financial and commercial support is a powerful tool that I hope to help introduce to potential stars in our local culture!”

Kristi Hansen (she/they)

“I am a theatre artist and budding body-art technologist/researcher. I live and work on Treaty 6 in amiskwaciwâskahikan. I had the opportunity to be a part of two STORYHIVE projects in the past and love the program! I am a big fan of the STORYHIVE program because it gives budding filmmakers the chance to get real hands-on experience in producing their own content in celebration of their own stories.

Samuel Koplowicz (he/him)

“I believe it is important to give back to the communities that nurtured you, and have always tried to contribute my knowledge, experience and creativity to any environment that will accept me and my ideas. I believe in the importance of diversity and inclusion in our Canadian society, in particular in vital expressions of arts and culture, individualized histories, and current issues of shared importance. I would like to think I can make a modest contribution to the mission of the TELUS Local Content project.”

Scott Parker (he/him)

“With my background in community development and community-based filmmaking, I felt I could be a strong contributor to the Community Advisory Board.  I have extensive knowledge of documentary filmmaking and a lot of experience working with communities, both in Canada and abroad.  I hope I can help make Storyhive and Originals connect even more closely with the communities they are serving.”

Thank you to our Edmonton board members for their valuable perspectives, and insightful comments on how we can create even greater locally reflective content in 2023!

Posted onNov 26, 2022
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