Meet our Calgary Community Advisory Board Members!

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Calgary Advisory Board
Meet our Calgary Community Advisory Board

It has been a privilege for our team to work with incredible local leaders and storytellers from the Calgary Community Advisory Board to enhance amplification of our locally relevant content from STORYHIVE and TELUS originals. Each board member comes from an interdisciplinary background, bringinging unique insights and experiences. We are excited to continue this work to spark new ways for content creators’ stories to be told. Meet some folks from this fantastic group from YYC below! 

Alison Miller (she/her)

“I have been supporting the creative process for young creators for over a decade. Community based, grassroots storytelling and creativity is a profound creative leadership experience for the creator and consumer of the content. Lifting ideas up from page to screen is a brave and vulnerable process.  I am inspired by the insightful passion of TELUS originals and STORYHIVE teams to provide a platform, mentor and fund local creative storytellers. Providing a platform for diverse voices and perspectives on Canadian TV and social media platforms embodies many of my core values as a creative leader. I am excited to be on this journey alongside my other Calgary members to spread awareness of this programming and bring my unique POV (point of view) to the conversation.” 

Jamie Irving (she/her)

“I have been working in Marketing and Communications for more than fifteen years and have had the opportunity to combine my personal passion for storytelling with my professional life. I am an advocate for health and wellness and have made it my mission to help others live their best, most authentic lives possible. I am honoured to be part of the Local Content Community Advisory Board as it allows me the opportunity to support others in telling their authentic story.”

  Mitch Kern (he/him)

“I’m a Calgary-based photographer and photo-educator who maintains an active creative practice and loves teaching at the Alberta University of the Arts (AUArts). I want to support local storytellers telling local stories about their own local communities.”

Pamela Beebe (she/her)

“I enjoy creating short films with my family and close friends. I love sharing stories from Indigenous communities here in Calgary. I love the arts, including storytelling and working with all the artists. TELUS has presented many opportunities for the community and I wanted to be a part of the different initiatives that are available.  I want to hear more compelling viewpoints and learn more about other people's lives.”

Rebecca Foshole-Luke (she/her)

“I am an Advocate, Founder, Changemaker, and Mother of two. I love to support local initiatives that give back to my community. I am passionate about tv, film, and storytelling and thought the Community Advisory Board would be a great way to use my lived experience as well as professional experience to contribute to a local initiative. I am a big supporter of initiatives that support diversity, equity and inclusion.”

Thank you again to our Calgary board members for their contributions, support and willingness to share their expertise as we dream big for 2023!

Posted onNov 26, 2022
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