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Solidarity Film Camp
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Our community is filled with industry leaders, storytellers, dreamers and trailblazers across British Columbia and Alberta, all with valuable insights to share. While STORYHIVE programs support these creators with production funding, training, mentorship and distribution, we wanted to cultivate a new platform that hosts knowledge and experiences from STORYHIVE alumni, Local Content staff and beyond. The purpose of this blog is to support like-minded creatives on their journey, empowering them to develop their passion, produce their dream projects and ultimately, own their narrative.

“STORYHIVE takes care of the people that they’re making their projects with. They make sure that you get the community you need to help bring your story to life.”

-Gordie Lucius, Writer/Comedian. “Frick I Love Nature” - 2017 Web Series Edition


Since 2013, TELUS STORYHIVE has been able to support a community of more than 18,000 local content creators across British Columbia and Alberta, providing over $15 million in production funding and creating a safe space for storytellers to hone their skills and bring the projects they care about to life.  

STORYHIVE gives underrepresented communities an opportunity to share their stories on the Canadian Broadcasting System. Through various programs we provide production funding, training, mentorship and distribution on TELUS Optik TV, Stream+ and online platforms.

What can I expect from the STORYHIVE Blog? 

The STORYHIVE community has grown to produce hundreds of rich and meaningful projects including documentaries, web series, visual podcasts, livestreams and more. 

Every emerging creator must start somewhere! The STORYHIVE blog aims to be a place for creators to visit and gather key insights in order to accelerate their success and step into frame.

“STORYHIVE gives you the space to try anything.”

-Kaayla Whachell, Cinematographer. “Laura” - 2018 Indigenous Storyteller Edition

Where can I watch STORYHIVE projects?

Explore STORYHIVE content on TELUS Optik TV Channel 707 and 345, Stream+ and on the STORYHIVE YouTube page

Curious to see what we’ve been up to lately? Check out a few of our latest launches below:

STORYHIVE Local Heroes Documentary Edition:

Explore 36 new projects filmed across British Columbia and Alberta, covering a range of topics from communities navigating through the global pandemic, to heroic stories about inclusiveness, recovery and hope. 

STORYHIVE Podcast Edition:

From our very first Podcast Edition, explore 16 podcasts recorded across British Columbia and Alberta, covering a range of topics from Calgary's Chinatown community to success stories about women in sports and access to mental health avenues. 


From livestream coverage about local small businesses, health & wellness and beyond, that's a wrap for the pilot season of STORYHIVE Summer Crew program! 

Congratulations to the crews for a fantastic summer of livestreaming local gems. Explore coverage from 9 crews from 12 regions across BC & Alberta, including 234 hours of locally reflective content. 

Browse through the dedicated regions below for the local scoop on Vidflex and Optik TV.

Stay tuned on the STORYHIVE blog for new features and announcements! To learn more about upcoming STORYHIVE programs and opportunities, visit Follow us on social @STORYHIVE on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and TikTok

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Posted onAug 30, 2022
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