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Summer Crew 2023

Hi all! Nicolas Ayerbe-Barona here. I’m a Senior Program Manager here at TELUS STORYHIVE.  

Over this past summer, it was my pleasure to guide the Summer Crew program where 15 pairs of content creators provided real-time coverage of their communities across British Columbia and Alberta.

The crews (as we like to call them) were supported with microgrants, training and equipment to showcase their communities via livestream. Some even got to travel around their province and cover new and interesting places and individuals. This year we touched on everything from local eats, farmer's markets and food-drink pairings, to fitness studios, paddleboarding and rafting. We also featured local artists and community organizations, creative hairstyles, makeup, tattoos, beadworkers and so much more! Even the world’s strongest woman joined our Summer Crew for an interview.

As the sunshine sets this summer and this cohort’s program is coming to a close, I want to share their incredible journeys with you.

You can watch each and every project now on TELUS Optik TV Channel 9, and on the  Summer Crew Vidflex website.  Explore their communities through live interviews with local events, businesses and people. Your City, Your Coverage. 

BC Projects

Vancity Beats, Eats & MOARRR! - Cazimi Loro & Jamal Hamadeh

Most renowned for its scenic beauty and outdoor recreation, Vancouver isn't often thought of as the go-to cultural hotspot like its other Canadian urban counterparts Toronto and Montreal. Beneath the surface, however, beats a strong and steady pulse of creativity that is driving the arts and cultural landscape of Vancity. Join Cazi and Jamal, two multi-faceted creatives and artists, as they introduce you to dancers, chefs, musicians, designers, producers, artists and more. 

The Inspired Life Crew - Tiara Adams & Zara Durrani

The Inspired Life Vancouver is showcasing Vancouver by interviewing inspiring local artists & business owners making a positive impact in our community.

The Makers in River City - Jesse Faubert & Nikki Summer

Hey everyone! We are Jesse and Nikki, both proud Kamloops BC residents looking forward to take you on a local live stream journey this summer. Join us as we get to know local makers, shakers, and move makers in our community. Our interviews will be weekly, streamed to this page! Alternatively there will be 14 weekly episodes available for free on TELUS Optik.

Tasting Victoria - Ryan Hook & Cam Welch

Tasting Victoria is your window into the South Island's delicious food and drink scene and the people and communities behind it. From the most popular local meals to immigrant stories and traditional land stewardship to regional issues such as the cost of living and sustainable agriculture, we look at the region's food and the people who cook it.

Okanagan Pairing Challenge - Renee Braun & Wendy McAlpine

Sommelier Wendy McAlpine and filmmaker Renee Braun explore Kelowna, West Kelowna, Summerland, Peachland, and Penticton to discover food and beverage innovators. Some artisans use traditional methods in new ways and some have invented entirely new local expressions. In every case, we put those products to the ultimate test: how do they pair? Designed for viewers to try at home, we showcase both great and ill-advised pairings!

Picking Brains Okanagan - Karmen Janke & Bowen O'Brien

Picking Brains Okanagan is the show where we seek to metaphorically ‘pick the brains’ of the unique and innovative individuals from Vernon to Revelstoke. These individuals are avid in making a positive impact in their community, from teachers to artists to business owners. We believe many of them do not receive the recognition they deserve, so our goal is to amplify their ideas, voices, and inimitable character.

Northern BC Narratives - Zeus Helios & Jeff Gruending

Supported by TELUS STORYHIVE, Northern BC Narratives is a livestream series showcasing inspiring stories of migrants, community members, and change-makers who drive positive change. From migrant entrepreneurs to dedicated community members, witness the transformative power of embracing diversity and Unleashing Potential. Join us to experience their powerful narratives and be inspired on this captivating journey.

Dusty Tracks BC - Emma Djwa and Michael Lightfoot 

Starting the show in Cranbrook, BC Emma Djwa and Michael Lightfoot will loop throughout BC to bring you the local scoop! Stories of Farms, Theatres, potters, painters and storytellers, all heading right to you!

Alberta Projects 

Easy Access YEG - Andy Junior & Shenali Weera

Hey there, folks! Are you ready for a summer full of fun, adventure, and breaking down barriers? Well, look no further because Easy Access YEG has got you covered! Join your amazing interabled hosts, Andy and Shenali, as they take you on a journey through Edmonton, AB, and introduce you to some incredible individuals who are rolling over barriers and getting past gatekeepers of all types. 

CommuniYYC - Aleesha Houston & Misha Maseka

Aleesha Houston & Misha Maseka Explore their communities  of Calgary and Red Deer through live interviews with local events, businesses and people.

Authentically Albertan: Local, Authentic Coverage - Nicolas Martinez & Benjamin Jones

This summer, join our host's Nicolas Martinez and Benjamin Jones as they travel across Alberta on a quest to get hired! 

Ever wonder how hard working and unique Alberta's entrepreneurs are? 

We took it upon ourselves to delve into the heart of business and see just how hard working a job can be with no prior experience, our hosts travel around the province seeking small local community based businesses to walk us through the job and provide useful tips, tricks, and advice on starting, running, and managing a small business in today's world. With the sun on our face and wild roses around each turn see where our journey takes us! 

Local Lives - Rebecca Rooney & Braden Kadlun Johnston

Local Lives hopes to bring a unique locally reflective perspective on the community life of Calgary and Lloydminster. We will accomplish this by sharing the stories of various indigenous businesses, artists and storytellers. 

You will be guided by co-producer and host Braden Kadlun Johnston through this journey of community exploration. As, he interviews various influential creators and entrepreneurs. Rebecca Rooney, co-producer and Braden's Fiancé, will document it all from behind the camera. 

Tune in for an exciting summer of learning and fun!

The Windy City’s Finest - Brent Clark & Daniel J. Perryman

Local Lethbridge artists, Brent CLARK & Daniel J. PERRYman aka Clark & Perry, conduct in-depth investigations of local artists’ activities and interests in Lethbridge and Medicine Hat, Alberta.  Join Clark & Perry as they livestream the ups, downs, and ways around various artistic disciplines, and gain an insightful look at the local artists that bring these cities to life!

Community Pulse Alberta - Alex Alphonse & Shola Badewa

This summer, come along with Community Pulse Alberta with your hosts Alex Alphonse and Shola Badewa to travel around Edmonton, Fort Mcmurray and Grande Prairie to follow the pulse of the community. 

‘Berta Bound Besties - Bridgette Boyko & Rachelle Sajim

Come with us across Alberta where we will show you some of the best people and places! There might be some mess ups, and dumb jokes along the way but we promise it'll be a lot of fun!

Posted onAug 30, 2023
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