Cozy up and dive into a world of local stories this winter!

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Hot Dogs for Life
Hot Dogs for Life, produced by Elizabeth Elliott

The weather outside is frightful, but what we’ve got streaming on TELUS Optik TV and the STORYHIVE YouTube channel is so delightful.

Check out these films and series to stream and binge over the winter holiday. You can find it all on TELUS Optik TV Channel 707 or online channels. 

Hot Dogs for Life (STORYHIVE Editions) 

Skully White, a hot dog vendor in Abbotsford, BC, donated a kidney to a customer in need. He now offers "Free Hot Dogs for Life" to anyone who does the same. 

Chubby Cree - PiMahCiHoWin (TELUS originals)

Watch the inspiring story of Chubby Cree’s Noah Green, a young Indigenous boy who carries medicine in his voice. Performing with his Kokoom (grandmother), Carol Powder, Noah’s powerful singing voice brings people together for healing and happiness as this hand drum group takes the internet and live audiences by storm

Overtime (TELUS originals)

Overtime follows Kelley Lee, a 60-year-old Chinese-Canadian hockey player, as she gears up to join the Team BC women’s hockey squad for the Canada 55 Plus Games in Kamloops, British Columbia. Amidst the celebration of her unwavering passion for the sport, this story delves deep into Kelley's remarkable journey as an underdog, showcasing her relentless determination to pursue her dreams against all odds.

The Interceptors (TELUS originals) 

The Interceptors documents a diverse group of inspiring individuals, who are rising up to support food security in British Columbia. The first of its kind in Canada, these volunteers are using groundbreaking technology to reduce the barriers to food rescue.

Untold Stories of Muslim Women in Edmonton S2 (STORYHIVE Voices) 

Join eight Muslim Edmontonian women as they take us down memory lane to their childhood and how key experiences with faith, family, friends and community were instrumental in shaping who they are today.

Vancity Beats, Eats and MOARRR! (STORYHIVE On Location)

Most renowned for its scenic beauty and outdoor recreation, Vancouver isn't often thought of as the go-to cultural hotspot like its other Canadian urban counterparts Toronto and Montreal. Beneath the surface, however, beats a strong and steady pulse of creativity that is driving the arts and cultural landscape of Vancity. Join Cazi and Jamal, two multi-faceted creatives and artists, as they introduce you to dancers, chefs, musicians, designers, producers, artists and more. 

The Missing Ingredient with Gwen (STORYHIVE Voices) 

Join Rossland, B.C. local Gwen, a Functional Medicine Health Coach as she shows you how to make gut healthy, anti-inflammatory and blood sugar balancing breakfasts that will keep you full all day long.

Out of Frame (STORYHIVE Editions) 

A former freedom fighter and a resilient new mother - displaced by war, embark on a harrowing pursuit of refuge in Lethbridge, Alberta. What of their culture is preserved and what is lost through this liminal experience?

Hiraya (STORYHIVE Voices)

Here's how one artist's work inspired a moving story of hope. Harvey was an at-risk youth in Calgary that was saved by art. We explore Harvey's journey from homelessness to doing what he loves most, creating art. His story will inspire others.

Spirit Seekers (STORYHIVE Voices)

Join us as we visit some of Nanaimo's most haunted places. Learn the history, hear eyewitness accounts and feel into the energy with our own spirit communicator. We'll dive into the myths vs. the facts to bring you the straight goods.

Queer in Alberta (STORYHIVE Voices) 

Have you ever felt alone or like you were the only person from the 2SLGBTQIA+ community living on the Canadian prairies? Trick question, we've all felt this way at one point or another. In this series, host Kels Delamarter (she/her) talks to everyday Albertans who are living proudly and vibrantly in Calgary, Edmonton, and the smaller towns that lay between. This series is about building community and sharing stories from those of us who just so happen to be Queer in Alberta. 

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Posted onDec 15, 2023
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